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Product that do their own reorders
Products that do their own reorders may create ecosystems that may give a strong advantage to incumbents …

Quora Question: What Is It Like to Have Been Programming for the Past Fifty Years? [external]
My response to the Quora question about what it’s been like to have been programming for half a century. You can also see the answer on Quora …

Cancer genetic tests offered on websites often not all they promiseto be, Dana-Farber study finds – Metro – The Boston Globe [IP Letter]
While there is value in big data many of the expectations are driven by marketing rather than real science …

DL- GOOGLE Makes Us GODS (via Iona Miller) like Icarus [IP Letter]
The idea that we can gain by connecting our brains to the Internet. But our brains have never been isolated. They have always been connected to the rest of society and the intelligence outside the brain and inherent in its architecture have always been our source of smarts.

We need to be careful …

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