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Tekstinė tinklalapio versija: About Our projects Companies, which have indebtedness to „Amberline windows”. Our company was set up in 1991. At first it was a small family business .The firm produced the blinds and curtains .Our firm developed fast and when the windows PVC were required on the market , we began to produce them. At first there were a few lines with two-head machines for linking corners with few workers on the production. Originally we chose serious partners ,who delivered us window hardware, such as VEKA, WinkHaus , PressGlass (Pilkington) and Saint-Gobain concern. The firm developed rapidly . At present we have the most modern lines, four-head machines for linking corners .The whole production is automatized . Our products are of high quality, thanks to our continuous quality control in all of our manufacturing processes. The components used are manufactured only by reputable companies. We offer solutions that meet the highest requirements and expectations of our customers. With careful [..]

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