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Tekstinė tinklalapio versija: With the nearing Christmas and New Year celebrations some airlines commemorate the holidays by offering exclusive deals to their loyal customers whilst others greet their passengers with spectacular on-board parties during flights. In fact, celebrating up in the sky has become a real trend amongst hard-core flyers in recent years. For instance, in Russia alone there were 13000 passengers who counted down the last seconds to the New Year on-board last year! For many, the flight attendant’s job is a dream come true. Visiting new places, earning good money, meeting new people at 10-12 km height – that’s certainly the charming part of the work. However, since the dawn of the profession back in 1930s both the airline industry and passengers themselves seem to have changed a lot thus raising the question whether today’s flight attendant’s job brings more satisfaction or stress. As the demand for air travel keeps rising, the majority of experts agree [..]