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How to resize wooden watch band in 2 minutes (DIY)
You have 2 possibilities. 1. Bring your watch to local watch repair, they will short your watch band for free or for symbolical price. 2. Do it yourself. In this video I use two screwdrivers (1.4 mm ). I found it in local store, these are watch (jewelry, phones) repair tools. Cost 0,75 EUR. 1. [&# …

Finding the best gift for love day from the accessories at CityWolf
Love day is a very important day for lovers and it is normal to exchange gifts on this day so as to add on to the memories shared and show your appreciation and affection toward the other person. It is important to find a gift that does more than make someone happy. The gift needs [&#8230 …

Why wood sunglasses are gaining popularity
Why wood sunglasses are gaining popularity Sunglasses are an essential part of everyone’s life due to the fact that they can really protect your eyes from the bad effects of the sun and other elements. It is important to really consider having a pair of sunglasses. The style that has been used in …

Why it is necessary to choose high quality accessories
There are so many amazing styles available today, but it is never a possibility to have all of them at the same time. The only way that anyone can look their best is to always find the styles that are right for them as this is the only thing that can really work. Make sure [&#8230 …

Aprašymas: Accessories and clothes shop. Awesome wooden bow ties, watches and bamboo sunglasses stand out from the crowd! In the city jungle don‘t be a sheep

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