CSC: Next Generation IT Infrastructure, Services & Solutions


Aprašymas: CSC provides Next Generation IT Infrastructure Services, Cloud Computing, Cyber Security, Big Data, Consulting and Industry Focused Application solutions

Raktažodžiai:   cloud computing, cyber security, big data, consulting, industry focused applications, consulting, systems integration, technology services, IT consulting, information technology, business process outsourcing, applications software, application hosting, web hosting services, government, financial services, BPM, Business Process Management, Cloud Computing Services, Credit Services, Customer Relationship Management, Enterprise Solutions, Finance Transformation, Hosting Services, Legal Solutions, Managed Network Services, Management Consulting, Outsourcing, Risk Management and Claims, Security, Service-Oriented Architecture, Supply Chain Management, Testing Services

Tekstinė tinklalapio versija: A global leader in providing technology enabled business solutions and services Visit CSC’s Success Story Briefing Center and watch our interactive videos » Coca-Cola has dominated the beverage market for over a century, yet still values… EarlyResolution offers smart technology to help mortgage servicers and loan default… CSC explores 3D printing and how it will transform manufacturing and other industries in… This past year, CSC launched a full-scale turnaround to elevate our business performance [..]