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on io scheduling again
Most of database engines have to deal with underlying layers – operating systems, device drivers, firmware and physical devices, albeit different camps choose different methods. In MySQL world people believe that InnoDB should be handling all the memory management and … Continue reading …

on swapping and kernels
There is much more to write about all the work we do at Facebook with memory management efficiency on our systems, but there was this one detour investigation in the middle of 2012 that I had to revisit recently courtesy … Continue reading &#8594 …

how MySQL engineering broke the backups
MySQL has exceptional track of record by introducing minor fixes that cause major breakages. Though usually I could blame naiveté of engineers, who did not really ever have to deal with production implications, but lately I can start sensing various … Continue reading &#8594 …

on nuodb and falcon
Warning: this is a mixture of historical content, biases, stupid marketing and unknown/proprietary/closed source technologies. Proceed with caution. NuoDB marketing was sending out this message, encouraging me to blog (they were looking for bloggers too): And while Facebook sharded MySQL … …

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