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DIDYMOS – Baby Wrap Sling Magic Forest Jade Linen
Spring time in the Didymos Magic Forest. Fabulous linen blend featuring a forest scenery with fantastic flora and fauna. The green linen yarns combine fantastically with the natural white cotton creating a fabric with a silky shine Let yourself be enchanted …

DIDYMOS Baby Wrap Sling Chiara
Yes, this DIDYMOS Colour in cross twill fabric had already been woven years ago. The high demand of a DIDYMOS-Fan-Group convinced us to remanufacture it again – this time with a higher weight of 250 g/m² – toddler proof!For more information click here …

DIDYMOS Baby Wrap Sling1975 Mystic Petrol
1975 mystic petrol, better known as Old Standard mystic petrol or even OS mystic petrol. Call it, as you like it. We got so many enquiries for this one, we just had to make it.For more information, please click here …

DIDYMOS Baby Wrap Sling Shamrock

A charming pattern of four leaf clovers lends a lucky element to this new hemp blend baby wrap …

Aprašymas: With baby wraps and baby slings from DIDYMOS Onlineshop you can always carry your baby close to you babywearing with DidySling, Didymos and DidiTai.

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