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Diary of a Diva: Restoration Climbing: Sustainable Cycles for Adventurous Women
Living an outdoor lifestyle magnifies the details of efficient systems and the items to sustain those systems. Camping is often saved for the weekend get-away where the creature comforts of a warm bed, running water and a porcelain throne for morning duties (and doodies) are temporarily replaced by …

March is Endometriosis Awareness Month!
March is known for many things; daylight savings, first day of spring, change in wardrobe and spring cleaning. For those of us who work in menstrual health, March is also recognized as a month that promotes advocacy and awareness of endometriosis. Throughout March you may see women (and men) …

Diary of a Diva: On being a Diva in the Yukon!
There are strange things done in the midnight sun Robert Service Hey! My name is Veronica and I am a 21 year old who was born and raised in Yukon, Canada. The Yukon is an amazing place to live if you love mountain biking, hiking, camping, music festivals, wildlife, mountains and vistas that take …

Why we need to remember International Women’s Day
You may have seen something online, in-store or heard a promo on the radio for International Women’s Day. If so, you may be wondering: Why have a day for women? Since the early 1900s nations around the world have recognized the need to set aside a day each year (or a few days) to draw […]

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