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Create Enterprise Portal/AX Client Primary/Secondary List Pages with Preview Pane [AX2012]
Create List Page/Form
Prepare new Project (optional)

Create a new Project Project > Shared > New > Project and give it a name. Having all created/modified objects in a single project will help you to be more organised and will allow you to easily export your work to production& …

Dynamics AX R2 Enterprise Portal, Enterprise Search and Help Server setup with SharePoint 2010/2013
Lessons learned
Below you will find a list of things that I was struggling on whilst making this kind of setup to work for the first time.
If you haven’t done this kind of setup before, I’d recommend to start with SharePoint 2010 (SP) version. This will allow you to understand …

Highlight (select, mark) a record(s) in Grid from X++ [AX2012]
Highlighting all the records in a grid (including NOT loaded ones)
Let’s say we have some Control in a Form of type CheckBox, Button or StringEdit and we want it them once modified/clicked to update the form grid by selecting all the records in a grid.
To speed up form …

TCP/IP Client (derived from C# to X++) [AX2012]
TCP/IP Client based on an example in my C# code. This example demonstrates how to send a string to TCP/IP Server and receive response back from it. The response is being read in batches.
The solution can be easily converted to Inbound Service.
Service data contract  …

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