Enjoy unlimited mobile EU Internet simply changing APN to ‘euinternet

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Aprašymas: Stay connected when traveling. Fast and cheap unlimited mobile EU internet using ‘euinternet’ APN. Find out how you can save on data roaming charges using local break out (LBO) technology.

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Tekstinė tinklalapio versija: Mobile internet for travelers HOW IT WORKS What is EU Internet (euinternet APN) Cheap Data Communications brings you affordable high speed mobile Internet access to smartphones
and tablets while visiting European countries. It is delivered via so called local break out
(LBO) technology. You do not need to change your SIM card, simply select Bite mobile network and
set your device APN to ‘euinternet’. Using EU
Internet no data roaming charges apply.
Today Cheap Data EU Internet service is available to all EU mobile subscribers visiting
Lithuania, more countries to be introduced soon. WHY CHEAP DATA I have created APN, but not able to activate it (Android Phone) Get Access Code via email GET ACCESS CODE I followed instructions, but I still have no internet (Android Phone) Change your phone settings Instructions How can I restore [..]

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