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Vilniaus darzeliu registracija – complete failure
Taigi, atejo ir man ta diena, kai teko registruoti vaika i darzeli. Kovo 25 d. (per sunaus gimtadieni), 8 valanda ryto turejo prasideti vaiku registracija i darzelius per vilnius.lt svetaine. Atsikelus, iskarto nuskubau jungtis. 7:55 man atsidare svetaine, ir pagalvojau, ura! Neluzo si karta! 5 …

Solar Eclipse @ March 20, 2015
Today there was a solar eclipse in our part of the world. We’ve climbed up the roof to watch the eclipse, have some coffee and take some pictures. Here’s some pictures, most of them done through an iPhone camera. We used the magnetic part of the floppy disk to look at the sun / take [&# …

Print your … spare server part!
I’ve got some pretty old “server” here and it’s disk said goodbye to me a few weeks/months ago. I finally found some time to clean it up – clean all the dust inside, apply some toothpaste thermal paste to the heatsink and replace the disk. Unfortunately i didn’ …

Annoying Notes app formatting
As a Mac user, i have been (ab)using the Notes app quite a lot – i always copy commands/output/text from terminal or web pages, and it always annoyed me that Notes app, by default, would always format the text – create links, change the quotes, try to have text background (i.e. black …

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