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Portugal, Faro. After a lengthy search for a lodging place we finally managed to settle up in the house which belonged to one local granny. She didn’t know a word in English; nevertheless it was easy to communicate with the help of gestures. We even managed to knock down the price. To be truthful …

Announcement on the radio, “Due to severe storms and deep frost, it is recommended to stay indoors.” Brilliant! It is the best time to visit the abandoned places in Liepaja! Enjoy! Authors: Aivaras Vilkas Donatas Žvirblis Simonas Šileika …

Jeep in Santorini
Yet another very interesting object we stumbled upon in Santorini Island (Greece). After swimming and easy diving in the sea near the stony beach (were our new friend “doggy” was very reluctant to let us go) we continued our journey. Suddenly my sharp eye registered something deserted. We …

Abandoned part of Santorini
More than a year passed since we travelled for nearly a month on the Greek islands. The last island we visited, a really impressive one and the one that evoked mixed feelings, was Santorini Island (probably you remember the articles Magic Sunset, Abandoned Hostel, Crashed OPEL KADETT and Colorful …

Aprašymas: Abandoned places photography by Simonas Šileika

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