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Food Bank drive, Nov 27th-28th
Last weekend of November, as is now a tradition, we participated in a nation-wide Food bank drive.Thanks to our devoted volunteers & generous shop visitors we managed to collect a record amount of food, worth ca. 22.5 thousand Litas, approx. 6.5 thousand Euros!The food will be distributed to …

Senior’s birthday party, Nov15th
We held a birthday party celebrating birthdays of those elderly who were born in November.The oldest of them all was Mrs. Irena, who turned 90!She is our long-time participant of the Old Friends’ Home club & joined us 7 years ago.Despite her old age & frail health she still enjoys & …

Children’s birthday party, Oct 14th

International Seniors Day event, Oct4th (1st)
We held an event for the elderly at Old Friends’ Home on October 4th to commemorate an International Seniors Day (October 1st) Our friend senior ballet dancer Mrs. Gelena Tumilaviciute-Strumskiene gave us a warm dance performance …

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