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Aprašymas: Industrial hoses, fittings, valves and clamps, compensators, high-pressure hydraulics, industrial pneumatics – Tubes International provides professional solutions for industry.

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Tekstinė tinklalapio versija: SALE We are a leading supplier especially of hoses and couplings but also high-pressure hydraulics, pneumatics, accessories and machines designed to transfer any type of media (liquids, gases, solids) in all branches of industry. Products are directly available through our distribution network – branches located all over Poland and in many Eastern European countries. PRODUCTION OF HYDRAULIC HOSE ASSEMBLIES We assemble all types of hydraulic hose assemblies – from regular rubber hydraulic hoses through thermoplastic, PTFE hoses, to specialised hoses for ultra high pressure with working pressure up to 3200 bar. We can be your supplier for either series production or single custom-made hose assemblies according to customer specification. PRODUCTION OF FITTINGS ACCORDING TO CUSTOMER SPECIFICATION We manufacture fittings and couplings for industrial and hydraulic hoses according to customer specification, with any type of connection (metric, imperial, flanges, etc.). The [..]

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