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Aprašymas: This personal web page was created having purpose to share the information on art of Litvakes – Jews of Lite with colleagues, friends and enthusiasts all around the world.

Raktažodžiai:   Gradinskaite, Gradinskaitė, Grad, Jew, Jews, Jewish, Litvakes, Litvak, Lithuania, Lite, Lito, Israel, art, artists, painter, sculptor, graphic, shtetl, identity, self-awareness, Holocaust, WWII, Diaspora, exhibition, modern, traditional, fine, visual, sacral, religious, avant-garde, folk, expressionism, abstraction, community, culture, history, synagogue, school, articles, Enlightenment, landscape, still-life, portrait, motifs, Yiddish, Hebrew, migration, revolution, ethnographic, expedition, museum, Kultur-lige, Palestine

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