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A Match Made in TV Heaven: Made TV to Launch OnView with Piksel
The appetite for consuming online video content in the UK is at an all-time high. With nearly 73% of Britons watching some type of programming online, broadcasters of all sizes are moving quickly to get their on-air content available anywhere, anytime, and on any device. We’re proud to say that …

When It Comes to The Power of Online Video, Jimmy Kimmel is Right.
Jimmy Kimmel did a lot of things at SXSW 2015 that got the Internet talking last week. From Bill Murray arriving wearing a dress, on a horse, with a mariachi band to the final duet send off with Willie Nelson, Matt Damon’s nemesis made good on his promise to shake up his show a bit. […]
The …

Introducing the New Piksel OVP – Piksel Digital Enterprise™ 6.0
We’re very excited to announce our newest version of Piksel’s Online Video Platform with the 6.0 release. Along with this release comes with a new name – Piksel Digital Enterprise™. Much like the lightweight, yet highly functional Star Trek Starship Enterprise, we’ve modeled the Piksel …

Blowing up the Business: Using Internet TV Business Modelling to Capture More Value and Viewers
Maddox is a late twenty-something woman. She’s recently married, has a one-year old son, and works full time as an office manager at a financial company. She lives in North Carolina, and during her free time she enjoys media content that is musically related. The Voice and Glee are her favorite …

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