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Tinklalapis: www.e-ruditus.com

Aprašymas: Enterprise social network for collaboration and projects management which feels like consumer web applications you already know

Tekstinė tinklalapio versija: Enterprise social network for collaboration & projects management Saves time Basic Have an interesting story? Want to tell us how much you love Loomideck? Want to ask something or just to chat?Feel free to contact us. Create an account in seconds, share files and bookmarks within your team by 2 clicks only and save your time! Is beautiful and engaging Premium Perfectly crafted user interface and attention to pixel level details makes Loomideck pleasant to work with. Lets you stay focused Gold Forget Skype for intra-team chats and hopping via several platforms! Loomideck allows you to concentrate entire collaboration in a one place. Keeps you in the loop P.S. Real time notifications, offline notifications which you receive directly to your Facebook messenger don’t let you miss a thing. Manages tasks as the best assistant you can get Simple, but yet powerful tasks management which will help you to manage everything what is happening in your teams and count spent time [..]