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Tekstinė tinklalapio versija: MedSciNet MedSciNet’s Products and Services Studies & Clinical Trials MedSciNet is a Stockholm based company specialising in design and development of web applications and online database systems for clinical trials and studies, quality registries, medical bio-banks, and other solutions within the field of academic medicine. AnnouncementsRSS Registries MedSciNet AB has joined forces in Strategic Alliance with ANTAEA Medical Services of Athens, Greece, to expand its market reach in Southeast Europe, North Africa, Middle East, and the Gulf Area. More Contact Biobanks MedSciNet has entered into collaboration with Folding Space to address the growing needs of medical companies and institutions wishing to outsource their document IT needs to skilled partners who can offer expertise, experience, and solutions at cost effective rates. More MedSciNet Builder MedSciNet will be participating in Nordic Life Science Days 2014, the largest Life Science partnering conference in [..]