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Aprašymas: Microdis, as distributor of electronic components, offers GPS, GSM, ZigBee, Bluetooth modules and antennas, power LEDs, RFID cards, connectors, industrial and panel computers, LED drivers, LCD displays. In our offer can be also found accessories to M2M systems, LED diodes, RFID systems, Glonas, UMTS, CDMA, WiFi, Tetra, ISM antennas and integrated circuits and discrete semiconductors, heatsinks, reed switches, capacitors, resistors, crystals, oscillators TCXO, VCXO, OCXO, SAW filters, and wide portfolio of electronic components. We offer technical support.

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Tekstinė tinklalapio versija: The M1575HCT-22-P is a omnidirectional high performance passive antenna designed for the GPS L1 band, and built on proprietary Helicore®technology. This technology provides exceptional pattern control, polarization purity and high efficiency in a very compact form factor. The antenna is ground plane independend, and is not affected by the closeness of the human body (no detuning).   SARA-G3xx – the new family of low-power and cost effective GSM/GPRS modules introduced by u-blox is continuation of well known, and market proven modules LEON-Gxxx.   Compact 16×26 mm LGA module offers traditional for u-blox, outstanding quality and reliability, excellent electrical parameters (fe. low power consumption 0.6mA, high sensitivity) and useful features like CellLocate (navigation without GPS/GNSS), DTMF, in-band modem support for eCall and ERA Glonass, integration with GPS/GNSS modules including built in Assisted GPS client.   SARA-G3xx – [..]