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Nordzucker enters into partnership with August Töpfer Zuckerhandels GmbH & Co. KG
Nordzucker AG, Braunschweig, and August Töpfer Zuckerhandels GmbH & Co. KG, Hamburg, are planning to build upon their existing customer relationship before the expiry of the quota system in 2017.
In conjunction with this, both parties intend to grant Nordzucker AG a 25 percent share in August …

WHO-guideline on intake of sugars has only low and moderate evidence
Nordzucker/Nordic Sugar always supports a scientific debate on sugars and health, and also the further debate about the scientific evidence for WHO’s new guideline on Sugars Intake for Adults and Children (1,2) even if the recently published new guideline on the intake of sugars has insufficient …

Successful campaign with record results
Considerable beet volumes, high sugar yields per hectare and stable production characterise Nordic Sugar’s 2014/15 production season which has delivered scores of records in both Denmark and Lithuania. Nordic Sugar’s factories in Denmark and Lithuania have recently processed the last beets in the …

Revenues and earnings fall sharply in the third quarter for Nordzucker Group
Nordzucker AG reports on sharply falling revenues and earnings in the third quarter. Measures to improve efficiency initiated.
Read Nordzucker’s press release here …

Aprašymas: Nordic Sugar offers a wide range of sugar product for the food industry and retail produced at our factories in Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Lithuania

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