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2009-05-22: Lithuania Online: What's Up?

New Lithuanian internet resources —
lietuviškos interneto naujienos:

Lithuanian community in Czech Republic
Čekijos lietuvių bendruomenė

Keelekoda — North European language translations
lietuvių ir Šiaurės Europos tautų kalbų vertimai

2009-04-19: New websites of Lithuanian constructors
Spring house-warming of architects, designers, energetics, engineers; worksite cleaning, pavement, environment trimming, and green plantation; stained glass and stone decoration, blacksmith fine handicrafts …

2009-04-13: Lithuania Online: What's Up?
Lithuanian spring internet news: President election websites, civic activity, financial crisis, real estate in Bulgaria, Turkey, Spain; vocational educaton and recruitment, bankruptcy and debt recovery services; Dante Alighieri society; Gender Loops — EU Gender Mainstreaming strategy; a lot of …

2008-11-20 Lithuania Online: What's Up?
Lithuanian autumn internet news: Lithuanian Photo Panoramas — continuous images from Turizmas.info; EuroparlTV.Europa.EU — TV of European Parliament in Lithuanian; Virtual stand and business office of Lithuanian Industry-office.com; The Millennium Odyssey — sailors’ journey around the world …

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