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Achievements of the Wood Processing Company UAB Juodeliai in 2014
Key facts and figures 2014: The turnover amounts to EUR 22,300,741, and the annual growth rate is 59%; The production amounts to 135,000 m3, i.e. 1,600 more trucks of production, compared to 2013; The number of employees has increased to nearly 400; The project “UAB Juodeliai Radviliskis Wood …

In the Anniversary Contest ‘Innovation Award 2014′, UAB Juodeliai was Announced to be the Winner
During the last days of 2014, UAB Juodeliai, a wood processing company, won an award in the “Most Innovative Company” category in the contest “Innovation Award 2014”. The annual national contest arranged for the tenth time this year is organized by the Public Institution “Lithuanian …

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Juodeliai operating schedule during the fest period

Aprašymas: Production of pallet blanks, pallet boards, pallet blocks, one-way pallets, pallet elements, Euro standard pallets, EPAL pallets, CP pallets, CP standard pallets; pallet manufacturer.

Raktažodžiai:   pallet blanks, pallet elements, pallet boards, pallet blocks, one-way pallets, euro standard pallets, epal pallets, cp pallets, cp standard pallets, pallet manufacturers

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