Rutenis, Index, Second hand clothing, Used clothing


Aprašymas: Second hand clothing is a business-to-business
trading community hub for raw material commodity exchanges in Used Clothing and
other similar kinds of materials.

Raktažodžiai:   Rutenis, Used Clothing, Second Hand, Mixed Used Clothing,
Men’s Tops, Men’s Dress Shirts, Men’s Trousers, Men’s Suit Jackets, Men’s Coats, Men’s Hats,
Men’s Gloves, Woman’s Tops, Woman’s Slacks, d?v?ti drabu?iai, d?v?ti r?bai, d?v?ta avalyn?, d?v?ti batai,
skudurai valymui, ?luost?s, ?eimyniniai mai?eliai, Ekoteksas, ner??iuoti, drabu?iai,
r??iavimas, siunta, didmenin? prekyba, antrin?s ?aliavos, Rutenis, used clothing,
used clothes, second-hand clothing, second-hand shoes, footwear, shipment, original,
rags, wipers, sorting, family bags, recycling, wholesale, second hand, second-hand,
secondhand, Woman’s Dresses, Woman’s Coats & Jackets,
Woman’s Hats, Woman’s Gloves, Children’s Tops, Children’s Trousers, Children’s Coats &
Jackets, Children’s Hats, Children’s Gloves & Mittens, Workwear (Coveralls), Workwear (
Smocks), Workwear (Gloves), Other Used Clothes,

Tekstinė tinklalapio versija: Rutenis –
Second Hand Clothing Wholesale The
bussiness was formed to supply the West African market.
An immediate impact was made and the company was soon
recognised as a good and trustworthy supplier of high
grade, quality products at a competetive price which was
readily acceptable in the market place.As a result
of recent expansion and the acquisition of a larger
factory area, the company has increased its’ output and
can now boast markets in not only West Africa, but also
East Africa, India, Pakistan and Eastern Europe [..]