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Aprašymas: We are the selected access control option on over 1,200,000 doors, on more than 11,000 projects in over 80 countries. The power of the SALTO Virtual Network data-on-card technology (SVN) allows people to work wire free, enabling them to manage their key control requirements efficiently, flexibly and cost effectively. Substitute mechanical locks and create keyless environments., We are the selected access control option on over 1,200,000 doors, on more than 11,000 projects in over 80 countries.

From it?s inception SALTO was created with one objective, to
create a world class access control system that was simple to
use and extremly efficient, giving users the ability to control all their access needs and secure all their doors, but without need for complex and expensive wiring. Substitute mechanical locks and create keyless environments.

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