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Celebrating 2013: The Year of Epic Accomplishment


The Scientology New Year’s Celebration, held in Clearwater, Florida, capped what can only be described as the most monumental year in Scientology.

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An Ideal Org at the Gateway of the Chinese-Speaking World


On December 7, 2013, amidst a burst of confetti and beneath a cloud of balloons, a crowd of more than 4,000 cheered as the ribbon fell on the first Church of Scientology Organization in Taiwan and the first Ideal Org in Asia.

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Scientologists from 172 Nations Proclaim: We are the IAS!


A knight astride a white stallion. A ceremonial drum and bagpipe regiment. More than 6,500 Scientologists, representing some 50 nations, advancing into the Great Hall for a celebration.

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A Salute to Those Who Made Possible the Scientology Cathedral


“All great cathedrals began their building by the placement of a single stone. The building unit of a great society is the individual.” —L. Ron Hubbard

So it was with the Scientology religion’s 21st-century cathedral, the new Flag Building in Clearwater, …

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