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Aprašymas: SERMO is a social network of over 300,000 physicians. Verified members discuss practice management, collaborate on cases, and vote on the latest polls.

Tekstinė tinklalapio versija: SERMOsolves It’s the place to talk about real world medicine.
It’s the virtual doctor’s lounge.
It’s the meeting of medical minds and hearts. SERMO is the #1 social network for doctors in the US today. SERMOpolls “I can speak freely because I am anonymous.
I don’t have to worry about my words getting
back to a hospital administrator.” Why doctors love SERMO SERMOsays “You can’t just Google medicine, you need a human source. We have to go beyond ‘cookbook’ medicine, and seek reasonable, experienced minds to think through difficult and diverse cases.” Why doctors love SERMO? SERMOresearch “If it was real life, we’d all hang out.” Why doctors love SERMO? Medical crowdsourcingin action “Medicine is fun, when it’s without the intrusion of multiple third parties. We love posting cases on SERMO…we get to practice medicine even if we don’t get paid for it.” Why doctors love SERMO? [..]