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Pictures from convention: Vorai MC Autoreviu Delfi List of winners by nominations: Download KEYS FOUND! If these are yours, please write to or call +37065746545 Big thanks for everyone who attended. We hope you had a great time, see you in the next tattoo convention! Vorai MC …

Vilnius Tattoo Convention 14.11.2009
TATTOO ARTISTS AND PIERCERS FROM ALL OVER THE WORLD! Lankytojams iš Lietuvos: JAU GALIMA ĮSIGYTI BILIETUS Į VILNIUS TATTOO CONVENTION! PROGRAM: 13:00 Door opening; 13:00-24:00 Tattoo art; 16:00 Vic Anselmo; 17:00 Body Painting; 18:00 Vic Anselmo; 19:00 Tattoo show & nomination part 1; 20:00 …

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