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ShortSwitch – White Labeled Short URL Service

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New Feature – URL Parameter Pass Through
We’ve received a request for this feature from a couple of our customers so we’ve added the ability to pass URL parameters from your shortened URL to the long URL.

What does this mean exactly? If you turn this feature on, any URL parameters that are added to the end of your short URL …

New Design!
We did some evaluation of what our customers want from their ShortSwitch Dashboard and decided to change some things. Gone is the bulky and verbose view in favor of a slimmer, more terse tabular display.

At a glance you can see the long URL, your shortened URL, and the number of clicks for many of …

Redesign Coming Soon – Inside and Out!
ShortSwitch isn’t a child anymore. It’s growing up and with that comes growing pains. As you have probably noticed, we recently had some downtime caused by our servers becoming overloaded. What was working for us before isn’t working anymore. So we’re in the process of re …

New Feature – CSV Export
Right before Thanksgiving we had our first real (albeit short) outage.  We had implemented some new statistic features which ended up putting too much strain on the server and database.  Unfortunately we were forced to back those features out but some good did come of the outage – as a measure …

Aprašymas: ShortSwitch is a URL shortening service that allows you to use your own domain or subdomain

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