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Tekstinė tinklalapio versija: Hello & welcome! you have entered the Sinbado Oaze website! „Sinbad’s Oasis” that’s a strange name for a man power agency you may think?
Let me explain.. Sinbad (Sinbado) the infamous arabian sailor who travelled
the four corners of the earth on a quest!.. Our employees will also travel
the four corners of the earth on a quest.. Your Quest!.. To build, repair,
renovate, to make, alter, adapt, to weld, braise, solder, fabricate..
Wherever or whatever your requirement, Sinbado men can go, Sinbado men can do! Oaze (Oasis).. A Haven, a Sanctuary, a place for peace of mind, to relax
and let others take care of your needs. We Are Your OASIS!.. after your
long hard struggle to find good, safe & hardworking, honest, reliable
tradesmen, experienced in your kind of project you’ve stumbled across
Our Website!.. We Are Your Sanctuary!! We are a well established family run business [..]

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