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Aprašymas: VeroMobile.eu – geriausi sms mikro mokėjimų sprendimai: padidinto tarifo žinutės, wap apmokestinimas, prenumerata, trumpieji numeriai Lietuvoje ir Latvijoje. Premium sms billing services, wap and subscription payments in Lithuania and other countries.

Raktažodžiai:   premium sms billing services in Lithuania, Baltic, other countries, micro payments, getway, mikro mokėjimai, wap, prenumerata, padidinto tarifo paslaugos, tarifai, padidinto tarifo numeriai

Tekstinė tinklalapio versija: Simple billing solutions Premium rate SMS and WAP is a convenient and quick way for a user to pay for services provided by you. Following the documentation provided by us and with a help of our professionals you will install billing services in a few hours. SMS and WAP billing PSMS and WAP billing platform developed by us is a result of an intensive two-year development and testing. The billing platform is in conformity with and integrated into billing platforms of all operators in the Pan-Baltic and provides our customer with a possibility to… Subscriptions You can charge for a great variety of services by premium paid SMS messages – from a website to various entertainments on the radio or TV. We can offer three short numbers: 1654 (the rate – LTL 2), 1656 (the rate – LTL 1) and 1679 (all rates from LTL 0.5 to LTL 10). Mobile advertising We provide WAP billing services not only in Lithuania but in Latvia, Estonia and Poland as well. WAP services can be charged [..]

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