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WordPress meetup on Jan 23rd
We are having another WordPress meetup on January 23rd. This time it might probably will be a bit bigger as it’ll have a few presentations. The current presentations are: Tomas Petrašiūnas – WordPress 3.8 highlights. Audrius Grinys – Verslas nori WordPress. Arūnas Liuiza &#8211 …

WordPress meetup revived
Unfortunately, the WordCamp which was planned for September did not end up good and we’re cancelling it for now. On the other hand, we are reviving the WordPress meetup in Vilnius! If you’re interested in WordPress – please join us on Aug 29th at 19:00  in Forto restoranas, …

WordCamp Vilnius on September 14, 2013 being planned
Howdy all! We’re starting to plan an official WordCamp in Vilnius on September 14, 2013. We’ll try to make this WordCamp fully official and have more speakers in it. If you want to become a speaker, know somebody who can speak during the WordCamp, want to help out organising the event …

WordCamp last saturday
As mentioned in the previous post, we had a small unofficial WordCamp-like event last Saturday in HUB Vilnius. Only about 20-30 people had came to the event, but i think it’s enough for the first “WordcCamp”. There were only 5 speakers: Kęstutis Mačiulaitis has talked about  …

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