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 Main page Contacts Lietuviškai English LATIA   About association   Projects   About country   Links Fairs   Fair "Baltic Textile+Leather" Companies of association   Catalogue 2006-2007   LATIA MEMBERS Contacts                       » Main page   Lithuanian Apparel and Textile Industry Association            Saltoniškių str. 29/3, LT-08105 Vilnius- 4, Lithuania. Ph. +370 5 2790131, 2751877, 2721323, fax: + 370 5 2721127 E-mail: latia@latia.lt,  http://www.latia.lt A bridge between West and East Lithuania has been known as a high quality production country with long traditions in apparel and textile industry. We believe that you have heard of that but it is also worth to tell that the industry has vastly developed and transformed here over the last years. Now Lithuania is no more just a simple production, it is capable to offer more sophisticated services which can bring further savings to Western textile and fashion companies even if some of the production is still done in the Far East. At our annual exhibition „Baltic textile + leather“ which will be held on the 24-26th of September in Vilnius this year we are opening a meeting point where Western companies can meet Lithuanian textile and clothing […]
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