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Joomla! – dinaminis portalų variklis ir turinio valdymo sistema

Hacked By KTN Projektai Renginiai Leidyba Urban Beats Multimedia Video Audio Atlikėjai Omerta Moo Q Kshysiakas Marko Apie Veiklos filosofija Partneriai Kontaktai Stuff Kshysiakas Omerta Moo Q Marko Hacked By Kosova TERRORIST NETWORK / Kosova TERRORIST NETWORK are here/ /* An object-oriented Typing Text script, to allow for multiple instances. A script that causes any text inside any text element to be „typed out“, one letter at a time. Note that any HTML tags will not be included in the typed output, to prevent them from causing problems. Tested in Firefox v1.5.0.1, Opera v8.52, Konqueror v3.5.1, and IE v6. Browsers that do not support this script will simply see the text fully displayed from the start, including any HTML tags. Functions defined: TypingText(element, [interval = 100,] [cursor = „“,] [finishedCallback = function(){return}]): Create a new TypingText object around the given element. Optionally specify a delay between characters of interval milliseconds. cursor allows users to specify some HTML to be appended to the end of the string whilst typing. Optionally, can also be a function which accepts the current text as an argument. This allows the user to create a „dynamic cursor“ which changes depending on the latest character or the current length of the string. finishedCallback allows advanced scripters to supply a function to be executed on finishing. The function must accept no arguments. TypingText.run(): Run the effect. static TypingText.runAll(): Run all TypingText-enabled objects on the page. */ TypingText = function(element, interval, cursor, finishedCallback) { if((typeof document.getElementById == „undefined“) || (typeof element.innerHTML == „undefined“)) { this.running = true; // Never run. return; } this.element = element; this.finishedCallback = (finishedCallback ? finishedCallback : function() { return; }); this.interval = (typeof interval == „undefined“ ? 20 : interval); this.origText = this.element.innerHTML; this.unparsedOrigText = this.origText; this.cursor = (cursor ? cursor : „“); this.currentText = „“; this.currentChar = 0; this.element.typingText = this; if(this.element.id == „“) this.element.id = „typingtext“ + TypingText.currentIndex++; TypingText.all.push(this); this.running = false; this.inTag = false; this.t […]
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