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 About Us   News   Scouting   Players   Representatives   Contacts  News Gintaras Leonavicius paved the way to SAKALAI win 2009-10-25 A 26-year old Lithuanian guard Gintaras Leonavicius (194 cm) contributed to a significant win of  BC SAKALAI, Vilnius at the Lithiuanian Basketball League. Read more Gintare Petronyte gave a remarkable peformance 2009-10-20 SDG member Gintare Petronyte (195 cm) has been demonstrating a succesful performance for the Greece champion BC ATHINAIKOS (Athens) at Greece local Championships’ first game against BC PANATHINAIKOS. Read more SDG players of BC TARTU ROCK won local Cup 2009-10-15 Michail Anisimov gave a remarkable performance 2009-10-07 Michail Anisimov led his team to win 2009-09-28 (c) 2003 Sports Development Group e-solution: Media Benz Telekomunikacijos […]
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