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Tekstinė tinklalapio versija: www.trauka.eu Why diets are bad for us? Search this site Why diets are bad for us? Categories 4 Jan 2015 by Carol Eliza TRAUKA.EU Often question nowadays. But first of all, are diets bad for u? Is there a healthy diet? Drugs.com – Daily MedNews What does the word diet mean at all? Is there some kind of definition? We can look on this term as a word who describes some kind of program, program of losing weight, or muscle mass gain program, or simply program for lower fat in your nutrition. Because we all know that fat is the reason of many diseases (high cholesterol, high blood pressure or even diabetes). So now when we find a definition for diet or at least synonym the word program we can start analyzing further. Subscribe Recent Posts Every diet or program exists to make some change in our metabolism or appearance of
our body. And the next question is: Can our body or our metabolism handle with that change? If we are accustomed to eat a lot of fat [..]