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Tinklalapio pavadinimas: Zigra.lt handmade wooden toys. – Photo Albums

Aprašymas: Our production – is an attractive design of hand-made wooden toys.

Many years of experience in this field, and consultation with qualified teachers in improving products, allows us to be proud that our wooden toys are popular not only in Lithuania but also in other countries in in the world.

Our toys are made from organic birch wood.This is the most appropriate type of wood for toys.The forests from which timber is brought is replanted buy young saplings, to make sure our nature and environment is not being injured. Materials like glue, paint or wax used to manufacture toys are plant origin. Additional materials used in production, are also only natural products (linen fibers, cotton).All the raw materials used in production are certified in the European laboratories. Our manufactured toys were tested for safety in the England, Germany and Lithuania labs. Production supplement range is constantly increasing by new products and we are working for our customers to be always satisfied with our toys.

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